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You can help make a difference.

Here are some ideas and projects I have had or that I have found that all of us can do or take part in to help our planet.

Take a look and be inspired to make a change.

If you have any ideas or know of any projects that aim to help Earth and can reduce Australia's carbon emissions let me know on email.


Plant a tree:

Planting a tree helps provide food and oxygen. They help save energy, clean the air, and help combat climate change. And did you know that if we plant a trillion trees by 2050 we could stabilise our climate? Although a trillion trees is a HUGE number, we can all do our bit to plant trees and improve air quality. Did you know that one tree produces oxygen for at least four people? 


Giving old items a brand new purpose, upcycling is the perfect way to give something a new life. For example, a old tire could be a plant pot or swing and old jars could make cool lighting decorations. I have even taken someones plastic bottle...then turned it into a chicken feeder.

Go on strike:

Although we protest about something so terrible- the energy at a climate strike really pumps you up and it makes you even more passionate- gathering with likeminded people. Going on strike is probably one of my favourite things to do. They are for all ages.

Image by GreenForce Staffing
Image by "My Life Through A Lens"

Educate yourself:

Educate yourself even more about the climate crisis and share the information with family, friends.

Image by Brett Jordan