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Welcome to the Eliza 4 Earth blog

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Here I am going to share with you things I have found that have made me either think about doing more, or that feature people or groups doing amazing things for our environment. I will update you all regularly and share what is on my mind.

What can you do?

You can be an environmental actionist too. I will share with you tips and information of how you too can also take action and help the future of our planet.


Do something! It starts by making one small change. You too can help by changing ONE thing in your daily routine. You make that one change each day... you are making at least 365 positive contributions to the planet a year (like, 366 in a leap year!). Make two... that's over 700. And when you make three... that's over 1000 positive things YOU are doing to help Earth. That makes you someone truly making a difference. Now, if you're a kid like me and have a sister, mum and dad and you can get them to make the same changes that can help make a world of difference.

Now imagine if you could get your WHOLE CLASS to do it! That would be awesome. So many people making so many positive changes adds up. We can only truly do this together!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find one thing you can reduce (plastic, cardboard, power, etc)

  2. Make a commitment to use less or none of it depending on what it is

  3. Do it for a week. Then two. Then so on

  4. Tell people about how easy your reduction change was to make. Encourage them to do the same by sharing the benefits for them and the environment

  5. Find another you can make and repeat the process

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