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About Eliza4Earth

Hi I'm Eliza, the founder of Eliza4Earth. I'm a passionate young person who lives in Australia, I have always had a interest and passion for the environment. 

I had the idea of Eliza4Earth in August 2021, I had the support from my parents and teacher. I'm so thankful for my amazing teacher who taught me how to make a website and helped me start my first petition-net zero emissions for Australia.

I'm still enjoying learning about the environment and I hope my actions are making a difference. Right now I'm a member of school strike for climate, I'm really enjoying being in SS4C and helping organise climate strikes.

I have also enjoyed educating my school about climate change and I'm thankful that my school is so supportive of climate and environmental justice.

Five Facts About Me Are:

I love flowers, but my favourite types are sunflowers and tulips

I enjoy watching the NRL

I am a vegetarian

I have pet a pet dog, cats and chickens

I like playing water polo and touch footy

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