About Eliza4Earth

Eliza is 11 years old and lives in Sydney, Australia. Eliza loves bushwalking, the beach, sport and spending time with pets, friends, family

Eliza's love and interest in the environment first started after she saw kids striking on TV. They were striking for the climate. After a lot of thinking and research, she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, asking him to act on climate change and she started a petition for net zero emissions. She sent an email to her then Year five teacher, asking him if he could sign the petition, his response was "Yes, I'll also help you get 10,000 signatures."

Because this happened in lockdown he met on zoom with Eliza, they discussed there plans for a website and a logo. Eventually, from many different campaigns around Australia, and lot's of hard works for many organisations. Australia committed to Net Zero emissions.

Eliza now is a organiser at School Strike For Climate and is continuing her work by raising awareness about environmental issues.



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