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Image by L.W.

My first memory of climate change was when I was eight years old and in the art room at school...All I can remember is my teacher saying "It's true, One day the water will swallow all the land and everything will be underwater..." I remember little me staring at my classmates in shock of what just came out of my teachers mouth. Fast forward a year where I got interested in endangered species after doing a assignment on the mountain gorilla. I was soon researching not just for school but in my own time. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the environment and that strange thing that my teacher talked about, which I soon learned was climate change.

But then, the black summer bushfires hit Australia and climate change was suddenly at our doorstep. 

As the years have passed by knowledge has grown. In September 2021 the Eliza4Earth website launched and my main goal was to educate people about climate change and to do as much good for the planet as possible. A huge part of Eliza4Earth is to send the message that your actions matter and that the things that you do have a impact on the environment.

Eliza4Earth aims to mobilise people into taking actions for the planet! Since creating Eliza4Earth I too am doing more for the planet. For example I dedicate at least one day of my week to picking up rubbish and am now a member of SS4C! I'm always trying to adopt new 

environmentally friendly habits and I can't wait to keep 

going with Eliza4Earth in the future!!!

Goals Of Eliza4Earth:

I have four very simple goals with Eliza4Earth:



To educate people about the nature and importance of climate change and how it is an immediate threat.



To inspire individual change.


To encourage our leaders to take climate change seriously.


To explore the ways we can help save the planet.


2023 Eliza4Earth

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