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Chickens: A great way to be eco friendly

At the moment I have 11 chickens and they help me reduce my carbon footprint by reducing food waste. Chickens can eat almost any type of fruit and veg scraps. They can also eat rice. This means that your end of a carrot or apple core is turning into a snack for a chicken.

Even if you just have a few chickens (2 or more) you can give them scraps, Last year, my school didn't have any compost bins or worm farms. Although we had chickens at school, they were at the other end of the school. And only teachers had the key to get into the coop. So I decided that I would collect students food scraps and take them home to my chickens. My teacher gave me a bucket and every morning I would go to the classrooms collecting apple cores, banana peels and watermelon skins. Although I got called "compost kid" for the next three weeks, I knew it was worth it. My chickens thought so too!

You can either adopt chickens from your local animal shelter, chicken sanctuaries or RSPCA, OR you can ask a friend who owns chickens. 5 of my chickens are from the RSPCA.

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