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Spilling The Tea On Tea Bags

It was just after I became a committed tea drinker that I found out that teabags weren't good for your body or the planet. When I read that a teabag can release 11 BILLION MICRO PLASTICS and 3 MILLION NANO PLASTICS into your cup, I was angry.

Tea bags are just bad news, they can't biodegrade and they release plastic into the tea. For me, it simply isn't worth it. So I finished my box of peach berry tea and thought that I was done with drinking tea forever.

I wouldn't have another cup of lovely tea again... SO I THOUGHT!!! For all you amazing tea drinker who want to be sustainable and drink tea, I have a solution!!! Have you tried loose leaf tea? I did and I can say it's better than using a teabag if you want to be eco friendly.

I walked past a T2 shop and decided to search for loose leaf tea. I walked to the back of the shop where I knew the fruit tea was and found it . I knew I couldn't just pour it into a cup and drink lumpy tea. So I also purchased a tea strainer that you put the leaves into and I put it into water. Here is what loose leaf tea and the strainer looks like.

If you don't want to use a strainer, you can buy some reusable tea bags, instead of throwing out the whole teabag you wash out the leaves.

I hope this was helpful. It is important that we as consumers, know what we are putting into our bodies and what impact items that we are using are having on the planet.

Thanks for reading!!!!!



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