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Easy Upcycle Project For Your Pets

I run a website about saving the planet... but my family still use single-use plastic. WHHAAAATTT? I know right, although my family have cut down on our single use plastic usage we still have single use plastic in our house. What matters for me is what you do with the plastic once your done using it. Will the item go straight to landfill or will it be given another purpose? In this blog post I will teach you how to make a yummy treats for your pets, all while saving the planet!!!

Here is how to make a amazing treat for your pets:

You will need a plastic container of some sort, I use a lot of different containers ( the ones that I like the most are shown below). The images show the plastic packaging which Easter eggs came in and a plastic lid. I make a lot of these treats since I have a beautiful dog called Luna and 8 chickens.

Once you have your container, you need a little food surprise for your pet. For Luna I use a little bit of peanut butter or some banana that is getting squishy. And for my chickens I use a bit of their seed and any scraps that I give them. For example when my mum makes a smoothie, leaving behind a apple core, I cut it up and put it into a round of treats. I only use food that isn't going to be eaten or is already going to the animals. You are also going to be needing water, the amount depending on the size of container.

Step One: Add food to container

Step Two: Put in freezer

Step Three: Add water while in freezer to avoid spillage

Step Four: Pop out of container and give to your pet

Lately we have had foxes and eagles try to eat the chickens, so they haven't been coming outside as much. So I have been hiding the treats all around the coop for them, this keeps them entertained for a while. Enrichment activities like this help the pet keep it's mind stimulated. For my dog, who doesn't know how to hold a ball in her mouth and my chickens who love eating food all the time, making these treats gives both me and my pets something to do.

Happy making



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