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What Is The Willow Project?

Joe Biden has picked profit over planet because he has APPROVED THE WILLOW PROJECT. The Willow Project is selling Alaska for oil drilling and it will create 278 MILLION METRIC TONNES OF Co2. The Willow project will go ahead despite the US pledging for no new oil drillings. Conoco Philips is a fossil fuel company that is behind the Willow project.

Although Biden approved a scaled back version of the original plan, the Willow project will still cause A LOT of damage. The Willow Project will be equivalent to Belgium's annual emissions. That's right, ONE PROJECT WILL BE EQUIVALENT TO A COUNTRIES ANNUAL EMMISIONS.

Two separate environmental and indigenous groups have filed two seperate lawsuits to challenge the Willow Project. Both of the lawsuits are asking for a injunction. If the injunction is granted it will mean that the Willow by Project will move to a halt.

Biden made a promise that he would protect the planet, but he is breaking his promise. I am sick of leaders not taking climate change seriously. This is just another example of leaders who are in a position of power and influence choosing a option which is putting the planet in danger.

Joe Biden made a name for himself as the first "climate president" after he signed a game-changing climate legislation. We are now seeing the reality of the lies and fake promises that Biden is telling.

A petition for the Willow Project to be declined gained millions of signatures all around the world. I signed it using every device and email I could find. It was on my friend's social media stories and it got sent around school. But this incredible display of online activism wasn't enough to persuade the Biden Administration. When I was signing the petition there was a list of people to have signed and it seemed that every 5 seconds someone new signed the petition. Not even almost 4,500000 signatures saying pick the planet could convince Biden. If 4 million people acting on the Willow project couldn't convince Biden what could?

Alaska is a vast landscape that must be protected.

Thank you for reading, this is really important.

By Eliza

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