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Greenwashing-misleading lies

I made a 4 minute video explaining greenwashing. I hope you learn something! I have done something new with this post: I have set up a poll below to see how environmentally conscious we are when it comes to greenwashing! The poll is three questions and takes a minute.

The Video:

The Poll:

When buying a new product, do you usually check the back for certifications?

  • 0%Sometimes

  • 0%Always

  • 0%Never

How often do you think you are fooled by greenwashing?

  • 0%I may purchase a product then realise it isn't eco friendly.

  • 0%Most products I purchase have been greenwashed.

  • 0%I have been fooled a couple of times.

How aware are the people around you when it comes to greenwashing?

  • Very aware

  • Never heard of it

  • Somewhat aware and taking action when purchasing

  • Aware but not taking action when purchasing products

Thanks for reading, watching, answering!

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1 Comment

Mel Dale
Mel Dale
Jul 20, 2022

I learnt a great deal about Greenwashing. Thanks Eliza x

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