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New Report A Sign That Things Must Change

"Australia's environment is in a poor and deteriorating state". This is what the new state of the environment report told us. Every five years, the government releases a report on Australia's environment.

We have incredible animals that are found nowhere else in the world, that all animals rely on. Australia is losing mammals at the fastest rate in the world. These animals are facing a "silent extinction", one where the government isn't taking enough action to save our native species.

The report is linked to climate change. Recent events have made a big impact on the environment. We lost 1-3 BILLION animals in the Black Summer Bushfires of 2020/2021. This includes bees and other pollinators that are vital for our environment.

In 2020, months after the fires, I remember driving through the blue mountains, almost crying because everything was completely dead-all burnt from the black summer bushfires. The bush landscape now looking like shriveled twigs. The black summer bushfires, a catastrophic event demolished and burnt everything in its path.

Some Key findings of report:

At least 19 of Australia's ecosystems are at or near collapse, this includes Tasmania's rapid giant kelp forest loss.

Major cities are growing faster than global rate, a change that is resulting in air pollution and the intrusion of habitats.

Since 2016, 202 animal and plant species have been listed as threatened, 175 being added to the list between 2011 to 2016.

Australia has more foreign plant species than natives

Native fish populations are shrinking with a 90% decline in the past 100 years

Marine heatwaves have caused mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. Reefs and the species that live and rely on them are in a fragile state.

Define environment for me, your mind probably goes straight to forests, actually there is so much more to the environment. Not enough light is shown on how important coral reefs, kelp forests and other areas are. We all look for trees in this issue because that is what we see the most, when not enough people truly appreciate the natural world and how it elevates us.

Another thing is, in my opinion when we think of animals that need our help, we always turn towards koalas when there is other animals that need help too. Koalas do need help but other animals need the same amount of support.

It is clear that we must do more and keep pressuring the government.

Thanks for reading

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