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What would you do if someone messed up your house?

If your the house is messy, you should work together with the people who made the mess to help clean it up. If you went to somebody else’s house and made a mess, you would clean it up…right? Imagine the ocean, it is basically a huge house for hundreds of millions of creatures. Who causes pollution in the ocean? Humans do, but do we make nearly enough effort to clean it up? NO!

We must assist the helpless creatures that call the oceans home and clean up our human made mess. Sympathy for the ocean is not action. Getting out there and cleaning up is the only solution.

No more staying silent-I don’t want conversing about ocean pollution and I definitely don’t want ocean voices to be silenced. I want action and ALL of the ocean wants it too.

Every minute the equivalent of pouring one garbage truck into the sea is plastic put into the ocean. I think one thing that humans could do more is respecting each other, this includes the environment that we constantly neglect.

Careless companies like Woodside, are continuing to hurt by proposing new fossil fuel projects. The proposed Scarborough project might be the biggest in Australia, it will hurt whale migration and will pollute the air and water. NO TO WOODSIDE! This is another problem, before a couple of months ago, I didn’t know about Woodside and their filthy business. We ALL must be more aware on the companies and cruel scenes that are killing the sea.

Humans also rely on the ocean for oxygen. The ocean provides about 80% of all the oxygen, so yep, we need the ocean to live. The oxygen mainly comes from kelp and seaweed. A example on how even the planets in the ocean are important. Animals also rely on seaweed and kelp so they can live and breed.

When at the shops or anywhere really, please think of the planet and how your actions make a difference. Inaction is sooooooo overrated, caring about the ocean is so cool because it means you're passionate about something that most things rely on and need.

Let this be a message to you, to care more about the ocean.

Thanks for reading.

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